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The practical application of the Job Mentors platform

Job Mentors is a social media platform helping to connect mentors and mentees online.

Mentors have the available tools to create a professional profile, offer their services, get in touch with mentees and start and manage communication. A variety of business model templates help to create successful project-based collaborations, including rates-based, donation-based to success-based models. Mentors may also work, of course, on a purely voluntary basis.

Many people coming to Job Mentors will be looking for advice and help regarding job and study place search. Social media tools such as bookmarking and browsing features allow them (Mentees) to meet like-minded people and advisors (Mentors).

Mentees can search for their mentor according to skills or shared friends, create their professional profile, get in touch and start collaborations. Mentors' curiosity can be kindled by initial contact tools such as complimenting on specific features of their profile.

A professional Cvtree showing skills and area of expertise allows both mentor and mentee to present themselves in an optimal light. Again, the tools (some of which are unique) are available for collaboration from initial contact to successful conclusion, including appointment synchronization and private chat room.

What Job Mentors is about

"Mentoring is to support and encourage people to […] maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be." Eric Parsloe, The Oxford School of Coaching & Mentoring

Finding the right position or study place

Job search is a notoriously time consuming and often lonely business without the right connections.

The Job Mentors project is an attempt to break with convention. It is designed to help people find positions and courses in an informal atmosphere of trust and exchange, based on their social media experience.

We see the mentee on their way to finding a position from which they can grow. The ideal mentor holds a key to this position given  their expertise and experience. This key may be in the form of advice, knowledge and/or experience, or as direct agent.

Job-mentors allows both parties to collaborate in an friendly and safe environment, in which suggestions and recommendations are available and ideas can be discussed and built upon in an open and trusting atmosphere.

We at Job-mentors can't promise everyone their dream job and we can't promise you, the individual, that everything will always go according to your wishes; it is however important to remember that the expertise and experience of a mentor are things which can't be remunerated by money alone.

The mentor’s foremost aim is the mentee’s success, of course; mentors however have much to gain from successful mentoring in terms of prestige and a sense of a job done well. A serious mentor does not think in terms of short-term success but more in terms of a long-term strategy which may consist of several stages. This does not mean that short-term success can be ruled out but it is somewhat rare. It is therefore very important that a prospective mentee bring patience to the table and a willingness to embrace the trial and error process where necessary.

It is a commonly held view among experts that there exist, on the one hand, a culture of mentoring which takes an altruistic approach, eschewing personal payment but  often allowing for donations to charity, for example. There also exists a culture of advisor, which is based on a more hard-nosed business approach, involving, for example, hourly payment or a percentage of the mentee’s first salary on successful job application. Job-mentors allows mentors the space to choose which approach to take.

We see job-mentors as an exciting, dynamic process in which the role of mentor and mentee is constantly in flux – today mentee, tomorrow mentor and vice versa! In fact all areas of job-mentors we see in flux: groups and relationships form and dissolve, topics come and go in a never ending learning curve.

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